17 September, 2015


Reasons to invest


But our customers’ reviews are the most telling:
_ “Great real Milan pizza in South Beach” (Luis M. from Tampa, FL).
_ “Amazing pizza! Light, crispy and cheesy” (John Z. from Houston, TX)
_ “The best pizza and service on South Beach” (Jess B. from Miami Beach, FL), just to share a few.


Spris was born out of the love of authentic Italian pizza, the brick oven, thin-crust kind that can only be found in Italy. And, well, at Spris. It’s not Chicago or New York style, it’s simply Italian.

The dough is made with Molino Grassi organic Italian flour and Costa d’Oro organic Italian olive oil. It is then left to rest overnight for slow proofing, the process that allows for yeast and sugar to produce carbon dioxide and create the perfectly flavored dough. It’s the Italian way, a combination of passion and knowledge, hence “Passione Italiana.”

After the professional pizzaiolo (pizza maker) slaps and throws the dough, it is ready for topping. Some of the extraordinary ingredients to make onto the Spris pizzas include burrata (a creamy mozzarella cheese), pancetta, an Italian bacon, prosciutto, shaved parmesan, scamorza cheese (a smoky mozzarella), smoked salmon and other gourmet toppings.


As part of their parent restaurant group, Graspa Group, Spris follows its core motto: “We are food people. It’s what we love. It’s what we do.” Our paninis are made with daily house made breads under the supervision of Master Baker and James Beard award winner Gustavo Agudelo. Brushed with Italian organic olive oil and filled with cured meats like prosciutto and specialty cheeses like the burrata, the paninis are topped with parmesan and broiled for a crispy cheesy result.

In partnership with local growers, Spris strives to source the freshest produce available and to create salads with authentic crunch and flavors from the garden. A favorite, the Salmone Pompelmo e Avocado combines fresh spinach, grapefruit, green apples, avocado, dried cranberries topped with grilled salmon, and make for a healthy and light lunch option.